Susrutha Institute of Ayurvedic Science and Panchakarma Hospital

The long felt desire of the people of Kattakada to have an Ayurvedic Clinic was realized through two visionaries are Ayurvedic Physician Sri. P. Krishna Pillai (Late) and Sri. P.K. Pillai (Late) in 1970. By their untiring and restless efforts the clinic grey up into a run all hospital. Their visions and ambitions were further enhanced by Sri. P.K. Pillai’s son, Prof. Dr. Krishnankutty Nair (Late), HOD of Govt. Ayurveda College Panchakarma Hospital. Dr. Nair, a thorough professional and a karmayogi, also a recipient of many awards. The hospital also started research work under his able guidance. The Research Institute and the hospital is most effectively managed by Dr. Nair's son Dr.Krishnakumar and Daughter Dr.Sreejakrishna along with their dedicated team of professionals.

Ayurveda and health

Health is the main factor behind the fullfillment of ayu(life of a man). To safe guard it and to prolong the life span one should follow principles mentioned in ayurveda . The age old science of health passed on through ‘Guru Shishya Parampara’ in here, to cure your ailments and enrich your health.


Deliver high quality medicines and affordable treatments for every one and realizing the dream of a healthy tomorrow.


Changing Susrutha into a global ayurvedic brand and spread the ancient kerala health practices around the globe.

Our Panel of Doctors

  • Dr.Krishnakumar - AYU


    Managing Director &

  • Dr.Sreejakrishna -B.A.M.S - Dip. Panchakarma


    Director & consultant
    ( B.A.M.S,
    Dip. Panchakarma )

  • Dr.Priyanka R - B.A.M.S

    Dr.Priyanka R

    Consultant & Medical officer
    ( B.A.M.S )