The need of a Pharmacy Course in Ayurveda has tremendous outlook and importance. The identification of raw drugs as well the preparation of the formulations as per the Ayurvedic classics should be made accurate and without any error. The actual success of the Ayurvedic treatment lies on the quality of the formulations prescribed. So in order to bring out a fruitful result to the logics of a doctor ,the medicine prescribed by him should possess 100% accuracy in every sense and for that there should be technically trained awareness during the steps of manufacturing. In a nutshell by promoting such a course we are trying to bring and ensure,
(a) An un doubtful and complete identification of the important raw drugs as much as possible
(b) Well trained experience in the steps of manufacturing
(c) Complete awareness about the beginning and end steps of formulations
(d) Knowledge about the standardization of raw drugs and the formulations in Ayurvedic as well as modern view
(e) Knowledge about the normal and abnormal behavior and substitute of certain important drugs commonly used in the formulations
(f) A complete technical knowledge about usage of all modern machineries that were commonly used during manufacturing.

Seats: limited seats
Mode of admission: First come first serve
Minimum qualification : Pass certificate of 10th / HSC/VHSC/PDC/Degree course
Application form: Rs 25, available at the office of Sushrutha institutions


Pancha karma is a group of five purifactory therapy which is the backbone of Ayurvedic treatment. So while performing these procedures there should care and technical perfection .then only the striking results of these therapies can be brought out on contest of the disease.There should be complete awareness about the medicines, the nature of form (kalpana) in which they are using, and above all the the observation one should perform after giving the medicine or performing the therapy. Any mistake or misdirection or misunderstanding on account of the therapy done, may result in serious hazards. For improving the results of Ayurvedic therapies and to work out a scientific back ground, there should have complete and proper guidance from the experienced. So while starting a Diploma course in the Panchakarma as well nursing course in Ayurvedic field we are accepting some outbreaks as,

(a) Mode of usage of some special preparations (as per the text), in the purificatory treatments.
(b) Complete knowledge about the procedures, by providing the real exposure and a chance to work out personally.
(c) Usage and handling of many surgical as well as Para surgical equipments of Ayurveda .
(d) Providing a facility to interfere with old experienced physicians in the context of performing therapies
(e) Knowledge about meeting some emergency situations
(f) How to manage the situation that arises during the therapies like Vamana ,Virechana, Basthi Rekthamokshana etc
(g) Preparation of various food supplements to the patients after the procedure