Netra Dhara

Eliminates fatigue and pain from the eyes, relieves their muscular tension, improves eye sight, reduces wrinkles, and brings luster to the eyes.


Netra Anjana

cures difficulty in closing and opening eyes, decreased vision, redness of eyes, discharge through eyes, glaucoma, swelling of eyes, pain in eyes, headache, precipitation of Dosha, aggravation of Dosha

Netra Vasti

Netra Vasti

Best purification & eye rejuvenation treatment of eye and sense organs.

Our eyes are the most important organs we have in relating to the world around us. Our eyes are the connection between the outer and inner worlds. In fact it is said that our eyes are the mirror to our soul. We must protect and take loving care of these delicate organs. Vision is a beautiful gift from god. Those who are blessed with eye sight is lucky to enjoy the beauty of the nature around us.

According to Maharishi Ayurveda, the eyes are one of the most important organs in the body. All five elements play a role in maintaining eye health. Earth (prithivi) governs the muscular part of the eye, fire (tejas) rules the blood vessels, air (vayu) governs the color, water (apu) dominates the white area, and space (akasha) controls the tear ducts and channels.

The eye is also governed by Alochaka Pitta, a subdosha of Pitta which becomes less balanced as we age. That's why it's important to care for your eyes throughout life.

Prolonged constipation and nervous debility can cause Drishti dosha. Common cold can also lead to eyesight defects.Stress , Diabetes, Excessive smoking, alcohol intake,caffienated drinks are also responsible for defective eyesight .

We provide you with the best treatment for your eye problems with the magical touch of the nature - Ayurveda , to enjoy the gift of eye sight given by the god.